Hello! My name is Patrick Jones. I'm a Ruby on Rails developer from Wisconsin.

Please check out my newest blog post: Guide to Building a Ruby Gem for an External API.

I have an SEO/SEM background and was co-mananging $150,000/month of AdWords spend for a Denver tech company before I decided to take the leap and learn software development. I was always envious of the tech guys launching new features on our app. I wanted similiar skills and now I have them!

This is my Rails playground, where I implement new ideas and play with APIs. There's just something great up integrating with external APIs and extending the usability of my web apps. I always get super excited when I find a new API and get to build an app with it.

I'm a strong proponent of TDD with a side of integration testing using Capybara. I love HAML. It has made view template coding 10X easier. ERB was great, but HAML has been even better.

Got a web app that needs to have Twilio text messaging capabilities? I can help! Need a customer billing platform with Stripe integration? Shoot me an email and let's get started!

I am currently seeking a Jr Rails/Ruby Developer position. I'd love to work with a team of senior devs and help them solve busines problems while leveling up my Ruby knowledge as a result. I really enjoy building API integrations and utilizing background workers and Sidekiq.

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Patrick M Jones Resume & Curriculum Vitae

pmichaeljones@gmail.com | https://github.com/pmichaeljones | Denver, Colorado USA


Languages & Databases
  • HTML & CSS ( HAMl )
  • Ruby
  • Javascript ( JQuery )
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL
Web & Front-End Frameworks
  • Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Zurb Foundation
  • Twitter Bootstrap
Tools & Methodologies
  • TDD ( RSpec & Capybara )
  • DVCS ( GitHub )
  • RESTful API Experience
  • Agile Development


GitHub Coding Leaderboard

This app was built to keep track of students coding progress at the TeaLeaf Academy. Coding is all about perseverance. Learning to program isn't that difficult, it just takes time. It utilizes the Nokogiri gem in order to scrape the GitHub profile page of each student, pulling various pieces of information from the page. This data is then used to update the coding leaderboard and adjust the student's commit count and longest streak number.

GitHub Repo

Gadget Tracker Hackathon

Gadget Tracker is the result of a 1-person, 5-hour, hackathon that I attended in November 2014. The only requirement, "Create a web app for keeping track of digital devices & upload photos." Having never used the PaperClip gem before, I learned and implemented it during the last 45 minutes. We were not allowed to touch the repo after the 5-hour mark, so there are some errors I would like to change, but it remains as is.

GitHub Repo


Boost Fitness Marketing LLC ( FitnessTexter )


  • Designed & built text message marketing service used by 300+ fitness businesses
  • Built business from scratch and achieved profitability in 6 months
Denver, Colorado

Mar 2011 - Present


Search Engine Marketing Associate

  • Co-managed $175,000 monthly AdWords advertising budget
  • Increased PaySimple.com's Google search result visibility using SEO
Denver, Colorado

Feb 2013 - Nov 2013

Augeo Affinity Marketing

Business Development & Marketing Intern

  • Presented six business development projects to CEO & COO
  • Researched text message marketing business models (leading to FitnessTexter)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nov 2010 - Jan 2011

Loring Pasta Bar

Server & Trainer

  • Provided enjoyable restaurant experience to diverse clientele
  • Paid for college tuition working 25 hours per week
Minneapolis, Minnesota

2005 - 2011


University of Minnesota

Curtis L. Carlson School of Management
Bachelor of Science in Business: Marketing
GPA: 3.45

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Graduation: May 2010